6 FEBRUARY 1948, Page 17


StR,—I wonder if you would kindly consider making the fact known to your readers that any educational books they may have to spare would be extremely welcome to the Displaced Persons students at the Hamburg University, whose studies are very greatly hampered through lack of the necessary books? One knows that the shortage of books is a very general complaint in colleges, but as these young people have had such a par- ticularly rough deal and are exceptionally keen on making up for lost time, and work against odds not encountered by other students, any books or papers that people are kind enough to send will be of direct and out- standing help. Parcels arc very simple to send. They go by book post with open ends. The charge is only fourpence a pound ; the limit in weight is four pounds. The address is: Mr. Friedland, International Students' Association, Hamburg 36, Zoo Camp, Germany.-1 am, Sir,