6 FEBRUARY 1988, Page 19

A story goes with it

A JOLLY arrival from Anglia Television is The Stocks and Shares Show — a share race, with four amateur investors compet- ing to make the most (imaginary) money, helped or hindered by the advice of market professionals and City journalists. Familiar in print, on the screen the approach is novel — no patronage, not too much solemnity, and not a trace of the gaseous Sid. Future privatisers, present regulators, please note: it comes as no surprise to these investors that risk and reward are linked, that shares are for buying and selling, that you can't win every time. They have done their homework, and if some of their choices are old chestnuts, the lady from Settle came up with a concept stock (or as Damon Runyon would say, a horse with a story that goes with it) — what about Nestor, which, she said, was the biggest finder of temporary and agency nurses? I had never heard of the share, but she put its price up 10 per cent the next morning.