6 JULY 1867, Page 1

The event of the week is the execution of' the

Archduke Maxi- milian, who was shot by order of Juarez on the 19th of June. No details are known, but there appears to be no room for hope, tele- graphic inquiries from Vienna and Paris being all answered in the same way. The event has saddened Vienna, where the Archduke was not only cordially loved, but regarded as the hope of the Liberal party; Paris, where his fate is justly felt to be a national humiliation ; and London, where pity fpr an exceptionably mourn- ful fate is deepened by detestation and contempt for the anarchy which must follow his death. It is asserted that the catastrophe will not weaken the friendship between the French and Austrians, but much will depend on the concealment of Maximilian's papers. It is said they have been deposited in "sure hands," and if so, they will speedily be in Rome, a new weapon for the Papacy in its struggle with Napoleon.