6 JULY 1867, Page 2

During the past week the proposed new University constitu- ency

which the English Reform Bill, if carried, will bring into existence,—the constituency of the University of London, has seen one Liberal candidate withdrawn from the field, and another put forward. The Honourable George Brodrick, LL.B., whose name was submitted to the Liberal Committee by par. Grant Duff, M.P. for the Elgin Burghs, and Mr. Farrar of Harrow, withdrew his name in a courteous and dignified letter addressed to the chairman of the Liberal Committee, and read by him to the committee meeting of Monday last. Mr. Brodrick, who graduated at Oxford, and only took a law degree in the University of London, admits the disadvantage which his :closer association with the older University would be to him, in a constituency naturally jealous of its own peculiar characteristics ; but says, with some justice, that as regards political qualifications to represent the younger University, an intimate knowledge of the older University would have rather added to, than detracted fiom, his means of doing justice to the constituency.