6 JULY 1867, Page 2

What makes more noise than a pig under a gate?

Two pigs. That is an ancient conundrum, but Mr–Bottaieault says it is based on a fallacy. The two pigs do not make more noise. At least he says a thousand musical instruments will not be heard in the new Albert Hall of Science better than a few. Surely he is wrong in his science. A sound quite inaudible a few yards off may be multi- plied by similar sounds till it is audible, and the hurrah of an army is certainly heard further than that of the loudest indi- vidual in it. Mr. Boncicault's other argument against the success of the hall seems final. All sitting room worth having is to be sold to pay for the building, and nobody therefore will hire it. As it is in Kensington, however, perhaps Parliament will pay for the concerts.