6 JULY 1867, Page 22

Prize Essay on the Great Importance of an Improved System

of Educa- tion for the Upper and Middle Classes. By the Rev. William Nassau Molesworth. (Longmans.)—This essay gained the prize offered by the Rev. D. Emerton, President of the English International College, and is now printed with an address by the donor. We should have preferred to see Mr. Molesworth's essay stripped of its praise of Dr. Emerton and Dr. Emerton's address stripped of its praise of Mr. Molesworth, for the reason that such mutual laudations remind us of a homely Scotch saying. But with this exception and a couple of grammatical slips, we find nothing to offend us in Mr. Moleaworth's prize essay. It does not profess to contain any striking novelty, and its suggestions, though good and sensible, are not such as to carry with them an instantaneous conviction of their necessity.