6 JULY 1867, Page 23

The Life and Letters of Florence MacCarthy Beagle, Tanist of

Carbery, MacCarthy Mor, with some Portion of " the History of the Ancient' Families of the South of Ireland." Compiled solely from unpublished documents in Her Majesty's State Paper Office. By Daniel MacCarthy, (Glas) of Gleann-a-Chroim. (Longmans.)—With the best wishes for justice to Ireland, we have not been able to master the contents of this book. We are afraid that the Venerable Charles O'Oonor, who more- than a century ago expressed his anxiety for " a good account of the- celebrated Florence MacCarthy, who assumed the title of More, by the unanimous suffrages of Tirone, the clergy, and the people, and was kept prisoner eleven years in the Tower of London," would hardly hail this. work as supplying the deficiency. Such a venerable gentleman would- no doubt manage to read the book ; indeed we are afraid of becoming venerable in the mere act of reading it. But he might think that by e good account was meant one which the public would find acceptable, and we cannot say that the present volume at all answers that defini- tion.