6 JUNE 1840, Page 10


The Earl of Durham, we regret to learn, remains very ill at Dover— quite unable to undertake the voyage to Ostend. The journey from London to Dover increased his illness.

Mr. George 'Wilbraham, M.P. is confined to his residence by a severe inflammatory attack.

A Court of Directors was held on Tuesday at the East India House ; when Mr. Thomas Campbell Robertson, who has accepted the office of Lieutenant-Governor of Agra, was appointed provisionally to succeed to the office of Governor-General of India, in the event of a vacancy occurring and no successor being on the spot. Sir William Hay Mac- naughten was appointed provisionally a member of the Council of India; Mr. Lawrence Peel, Advocate-General at Calcutta ; and Mr. Henry Thoby I'rinsep was confirmed in the appointment of member of the Cc uncil of India.

It is reported in the naval circles, that the increase of pay (recom- mended by the Commission) will take effect from the 1st of July next. Very extensive changes with respect to the pursers are also under the consideration of the Admiralty.—Brighion Gazette.