6 JUNE 1840, Page 11

Drury Lane is to be opened on Monday, for Promenade

Concerts on a grand scale, under the title of Concerts d'Eff ; the summer being re- presented, we hear, by flowering shrubs and sparkling fountains. The orchestra, composed of ninety-six performers, will be aided in pro- ducing some of the musical effects by a chorus of twenty-six voices : the whole under the joint conduct of Mr. ELIASON and M. Jt3LLIEN. The admission to the Promenade, for which the whole area of the pit and stage will be thrown open, is to be the same as at the Lyceum; but the prices to the boxes are higher. The Lyceum is to be opened on Tuesday, with a well-assorted little corps, consisting of several of the comedians and vocalists of Covent Garden, headed by Mrs. OanEa and Mrs. W. Licv, and some from Miss KELL2'S and the Olympic companies, including COMPTON. Two 07 three new pieces, apparently of a light and pleasant kind, are to be produced the first night.