6 JUNE 1840, Page 11

We need not repeat our appeal to the play-going public

on behalf Of the veteran DOWTON; but we may take the opportunity of recording the gratifying fact that the arrangements for securing to "tire Father of the British Stage" a retiring pension, to reader his old age free from care, promise to realize the desired cud. SI1ERIDAN KNOWLES, with characteristic zeal and cordiality, has volunteered to write and speak an oration, which the presence of the principal members of the pro- fession will convert into a sort of ovati-ei to the honour of the comedian. Mesdames Gain and Donus-GlIAS, and the German Chorus, also gene- rously contribute to the attractions of the evening, as well as the English actors and vocalists, among whom the names of %A RAM and Miss KELLY are conspicuous. The play is the Poor Gentleman; in which Dow'roN will appear as Sir Robert Bramble, supported by Fau- na/4, BARTLEY, MEADOWS, HARLEY, Miss ELLEN TREE, Mrs. HUMBY, &e. No doubt her Majesty's Theatre will be filled on Mouday : but there is a subscription-list to be filled also, and this we are glad to hear is doing handsomely.