6 JUNE 1840, Page 7

Mr. F. Matthews, the comedian, met with a very serious

accident on his return front Epsom Races on Wednesday. Driving a four- wheeled chaise, in flue neighbourhood of Claidiam, his horse took fright, the chaise was overturned, and he was thrown from his sea : both his legs are very much iujnred ; one of them is crushed at the knee. He was conveyed to town, and placed msder the care of Mr. Liston.

On 'Tuesday forenoon, George Dingell, a green-grocer in Goswell Street Road, who had frequently quarrelled with his wife, was walking with her towards her brother's house in Compton Street, Clerkenwell; just US they reached the door, be drew a razor from his pocket, an,l cut Lis wife's throat, and then his own, so effectually that both died tt' most immediately.