6 JUNE 1840, Page 7

Eleff0S1 11.1c Es.

Tuesday, the first (lay of Epsom Races, is not generally well attended except iting-men, malt itttr nn IhsY , . It unt


year the company was quite as numerous and ditinguished its usual, mid the running was respectable. •

Wednesday was very fine, and the concourse of persons of all ranks greater, perhaps, than ever was known before. In additioo to the usual attractions, it was known that the Queen and Prince A11 s t would be present ; :or;1 the tiiii.el'ent roads through which the lloyal party might

to the Grand were thronged with sp :11:1jesty and Prince Albert arrived soon after one, in time to allow the Prince to ride round the course and see the preletrations for the day's sport.

The Royal pair were receis"Cli with dieeritig.

'fo the 1)erby Stakes there NV CrC one hundred and forty-four sub- scribers of fifty guineas each ; but the following horses only started. ale 'total lion's b. c., Little NV•miler, by 'Maley, ,itt

Lord Westminster's Lanocelel, l‘r.011er to Tenell.,tone Mr. Bashes b. c. Iu NIttr.ano, ..nt or Melody litty junior.

Lord Alh,•111.1rle's Assassin. by Toorus, ont of 1:.

Mite of :1,x-eland', Theon. 1,i Entibt,, o-.1 \imitt Lye.

Lord Net' erne's a b. 1•■ duet--

!Mr. 11,1.1-aciatIt's c., Comelt•rate, by N'el. 01 a NO1,0:1.

Sir C. 11.•atheote's b. c., vie, by 1,-turel nertila lured iixelec, 0., Seittari, be S in, out of Velvet

Captain GortIma's ch. t., Motel's, be Aetteen, out or

Whigs • Sir tt. I teatheme's b. e..Buldiaia, saimireamt—Ze-

Colonel NVyndiron's b. c. hy .A.t 11 • !:1:•1:'17.11',1■:.(::ci Lord c., Milky Ishii: ot. Ise 1,1no ccl -

Lord Exeler's Salt an Mona

Them, s ell. c., I:ylimiliva, 0,1.4 Fru-v .1. Day.

Mr. Forti.., 0. by Mantes ::t or Solace 0101er. Lord Otbad's vh. c. try 'learwell--Angeilca Cottony.

'Elie betting 1-reviiiits to the start was— to 4 agatiot 1...1111.-eka 13 to-' taken I; -It I I :in sasAin (:ahem); 4 to I aqaiirtt Melody (t 11.,11 c L. I cumin-0 to.piost. I.:W.0;14er; .20 to L Svtitali (ia!;,•11); lo 1 against rettli.t. c.• (I.Itit• Wonder and Solace colt) ; 1.0 to 1 tct .dust Itokbara; .10 t I ;mai,' '.411.•-•lerate; to I tta-tald Solace!

colt (taken); -10 bt I ttaittst Gill evil Italie:11: (taken); 59

to 1 against LUC,. li Vales ; and 1,000 ishnetei.

'The official account of the race, common to all the daily papers, is as follows-

" About a quarter past three, after one false start and two or three minor failures, the lot went away at an excellent pace, the Angelica colt leading, fol-

lowed by the .Alel.ely colt, Latineelot, and lhih1cud ; it Confederal e, Assassin, Little NVonder, and Setitari next, and the other; la ell laid up. This order was observed for about half-intik, when the Celt WA lip the running, Launeelot lying second, Assassin third ; Angoilea, Confederate, end Little NVonder, being the next lot ; in going round I lie I aro Little 'Wonder passed Assassin, and took his place at Launeelot's yr,rters ; the Angelica colt was beaten ()Where; in feet the three leading hos- es were all that were left its the race, neither Ass.Issin nor Confederate having the slighte..t chance of winning. The Dlelotiv colt maintained his had to the di: Aimee, and there it was all up with him ; Little 1Vonder then challenged the crack,' beaded him in a few• yards, was huh' a length before him ere he reached the stand, clutch whit by the post a clever winner by a length--Meloily third ; Confederate, who passed As- sassin at the distance, fourth; Assassin fifth, and Amurath sixth. Of the others it is only necessary to say that the tailing began before they reached the turn, and that Thom, (who at one part a the day was at 20 to I,) the Gift.

Wakefield, colt, and Sophocles, were the last three. Value of the stakes after making the usual deductions 3,7751.

"Immediately after the race, Mr. E. Anson entered the weighing-place, and delivered to Macdonald an elegant riding-whip as a testimonial from Prince Albert of his admiration of his jockeyship."

"The Marquis of Westminster and his friends are said to have lost heavily, in they bad taken the odds (9 to 4) which were freely offered against Launce. lot. The result of this race should be looked upon as a proof of Little Won- der's extraordinary powers; but should not in the least detract from the very high character which Launcclot has already acquired. The circumstance of seventeen horses having started for the Derby, and only two of them having been placed, shows that the race must have been well contested by these two horses. Little Wonder did not take up the running until the race was nearly half run, and then, with one tremendous rah, lie stretched a head of Launce- lot, and Scott, with all his skill, could not regain his position or take the lead."

The other races were not remarkable, and there was no betting upon them. The Queen and Prince Albert left the course after the second race, for Claremont, amidst the acclamations of the mighty multitude.

On Thursday, the company was very thin and listless, and the rutt- ing bad.

Yesterday, the Oaks attracted a numerous and brilliant attendance. The race was won in a canter by Lord George Benthick's famous mare Crucifix, beating Mr. I'ayne's Welfare, Mr. Wigram's Teleta, and twelve others. It is said Lord George Bentinck has won 20,0.30/. with Crucifix ; who is now first favourite for the St. Leger.

The other races yesterday were very indifferent.