6 JUNE 1840, Page 8


A serious disturbance occurred in Limerick county on Monday morn- ing. A number of persons, who had with them bags, cars, horses, and asses, made a regular attack on a vessel laden with oats, lying at the quay of Garrykennedy, on the Shannon-

" The persons on board made a gallant resistance, but were soon overpowered by numbers. The work of plunder then commenced. The vessel was dis- masted, her rigging torn, the hatchways meshed, and the oats filled into bng9, sacks, &e., until there leas not at single grain left on board, even to the sweep- ings. This did not occupy three hours. In some instances houses in Garry- keunedy were broken into, and the bed-clothes taken and sewed up for the.: purpose of holding the plundered grain ; and, when there was not a soli:sal:ay ler all, they ,began to wrangle amongst themselves and cut the bags. Two women sinned out and fought desperately, the conqueror carrying away the booty with n Lick the discomfited had laden her ass."

The Police appeared, but could only save about sixty barrels of oats. On Tuesday the rioting recommenced. About 110011 the multitude broke into the houses and barns of seven or eight fanners in that part of the country, and deprived them of whatever potatoes and ether pro- visions they had.

A t Ballywilliam, and other places, the same work was carried on. In Limerick the pear le were pacified by promises that somethiog should be done for their relief; for the miserable creatures were driven by famine to commit these outrages.