6 JUNE 1931, Page 1

* * India The decision of H.M. Government that the

Federal Structure Committee shall reassemble in London not later than September 5th has had a mixed reception in India. This final postponement, while it is welcomed by all who recognize the scope and importance of the pre- liminary work which must be got through before the Round Table meets again, comes as something of an anticlimax after the reassuring urgency of recent prepara- tions. It is hard to see why no provisional time-table was evolved long before this—at Karachi in March, for instance. Last week Cawnpore was once more the scene of a Hindu-Moslem clash, arising out of the Muharram disturbances ; it was suppressed by the police, but there were a number of casualties. The communal situation looks less promising than ever ; one is forced to conclude that the Minorities Committee will be lucky if it meets in the autumn before a background less threatening than at present. Guerrilla warfare in Burma is assuming serious proportions and an anti-Indian bias, but our troops on the spot should have little difficulty in keeping the rebel- lion in control till the monsoon ; to extirpate it altogether will prove a harder task.