6 JUNE 1931, Page 1

News of the Week The Maid of Orleans QT. JOAN

OF ARC, five hundred years after her death at the hands of French and English, has formed another link of friendship between them. Both races have felt the need jointly to honour her, jointly to expiate a judicial crime. Apart from the military and judicial reasons, we see to-day the danger of imputing, in all the seriousness of the Medieval Church, the sin of trafficking with the Devil. In Cardinal Beaufort's Cathedral of Winchester, La Pucelle is honoured with a statue upholding her as " chaste and immaculate in very thought." At Rouen last Sunday the Bishop of Beauvais, successor to Pierre Cauchon, joined with the representatives of England, led by Cardinal Bourne and His Majesty's Ambassador, in expiatory ceremonies in her honour close to the spot where she died at the stake.