6 JUNE 1931, Page 3

* * * The Derby His Majesty spent his birthday

with an immense con- course of his subjects on Epsom Downs. The Derby was won by the favourite, Cameronian, whose fortunate owner only recently succeeded to the stud of his uncle, Lord Dewar. For many lovers of the thoroughbred the pleasure, if not the interest or excitement, of the race has been spoilt by the unhealthy fever of excitement caused by the. Irish so-called " Hospitals " Sweepstake. We notice that even The Times found it desirable to publish lists by the pageful, in which its readers might search for their names. It is satisfactory that it also published on Derby Day the resolution of the British Hospitals Associa- tion against any amendment of the law " affecting public sweepstakes which purported to be for the benefit of voluntary hospitals." However, Southern Ireland has made her most notable contribution to civilization since she attained Dominion status.

* *