6 JUNE 1931, Page 3

Ten Miles High Professor Piccard of Brussels, with a companion,

went up in a balloon from Augsburg last week and attained a height of nearly ten miles. They were enclosed in a metal sphere so that they were protected against the rarified atmosphere of the upper regions while taking their observations. They descended early next morning on the Gross Gurgl glacier in Tyrol. Their object was said to be the elucidation of cosmic rays, whatever these may be. At least they achieved a record in ballooning. It is harder for the layman to understand the patient. _courage of Mr. Courtauld, who spent a long winter alone on the Greenland ice-cap in order to record the weather prevailing in that abhorrent region. Projects for the establishment of a short air route, by way of Greenland, from Europe to America depend on an accu- rate knowledge of Greenland's meteorology, and, to this Mr. Courtauld's long vigil has contributed. It was characteristic of his scientific detachment that, according to his narrative, his only fear was lest some troublesome rescue party should descend upon him in mid-winter and devour his carefully husbanded supplies.