6 JUNE 1931, Page 3

The Royal Tournament Their Majesties honoured the Royal Tournament with

their presence at Olympia on the opening day. It has become one of the most brilliant and thrilling annual treats that Londoners and visitors from far afield can possibly enjoy. Besides providing a fine spectacle, excitement, fun, and the pleasure of watching every variety of movement and many competitions, it teaches what high standards are demanded in H.M.'s Forces to-day. Eyes are opened by the sight of the flower of our youth, brought by the modern training in the Navy and Army to such a pitch of physical fitness and of mental and bodily alertness, and to an ability to co- operate which makes the many seem to be one. Another kind of unselfishness is taught by the regimental spirit, and even the outsider can get a glimmering notion of a burning esprit de corps from an item in this Tournament. A " plain " county regiment, the Gloucestershires, formerly the old 28th and 61st Foot, has more battle honours than any other regiment. They illustrate their history by a long series of detachments each dressed in the uniforms of the dates of their honours, back 'to the times of their formation. The horsemanship of the Cavalry made a wonderful display, as usual. We hope that the Service charities will benefit largely. On the more directly serious side of our national defence, field training is now going on in several parts of the country where the Yeomanry regiments are co-operating with the regular Cavalry. Naval exercises are being carried out off the north-east coast.