6 JUNE 1931, Page 32

Financial Notes


ALTHOUGH somewhat smaller profits were earned by Allied Newspapers last year, the Chairman, Lord Camrose, was very confident regarding the position attained by the com- pany's various properties which include important groups in Lancashire, and, through Allied Northern Newspapers, in the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. The company also owns the Bristol Evening Times and Derby Daily Express• Competition has been acute, but advertising had been well maintained. Lord Camrose gave some very striking figures of the profits or losses of American companies in relation to the movtments of their advertising expenditure during the slump period of 1921-22.

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Finance—Public and Private

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Another company under the Chairmanship of Lord Camrose, is Amalgamated Press, which owns a large number of periodi- cals, and this company, whilst showing a very small decline in profits for its financial year -to 'February 28th last has maintained its dividend and increased its balance-sheet carry forward, and at the meeting of this company, too, Lord Camrose was able to take a confident view of the position and outlook.

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