6 MAY 1972, Page 26

Good Irish cause

From Lard Boyle of Handsworth and others

Sir: There is no doubt that many people of good will are trying to make some personal contribution to an improvement of conditions in Northern Ireland. May we draw your readers' attention to one group whose contribution is, we feel, particularly worthy of support?

On the initiative of their Belfast branch, the UK branches of International Voluntary Service — together with their sister organisation in Dublin — are organising holidays this summer for 400 Belfast children (Protestant and Catholic) in ten different centres manned by international volunteers. The practical details have been tested at pilot weekend holidays in Dublin and Ormskirk in the last few weeks, and the sole remaining problem is finance. It will cost £15 for each child's holiday and we appeal to your readers to help us find the funds by sponsoring a child either with a personal contribution or by arranging a local or workplace collection.

Our appeal is for E10,000 to establish this project together with a continuing community service programme over the next two years in Northern Ireland.

Contributions should be sent to: International Voluntary Service, Belfast Summer Scheme, 91 High Street, Harlesden, London NW10 4NII Boyle F. Elwyn Jones

Jeremy Thorpe International Voluntary Service, 91 High Street, London" MI71110 4N1U