6 MAY 1972, Page 28

Race and immigration

Sir: Mr Hugh Dykes's article on Immigration v. Race Relations epitomises the worst aspects of Conservative Party thinking on race.

Those who were opposed from the beginning of this unwarranted and unwanted intrusion were perfectly consistent in calling for stiff controls and objecting to the Race Relations Acts. Immigration and Acts alike are clear threats to the traditional ways on which our liberal institutions are based and which have notably failed to flourish in multi-racial societies. Our own dedicated multi-racial neurotics have also been consistent in their aim to destroy our liberal ways; and today they are busily undermining the feeble controls of the Immigration Act with the help of the same Home Office officials who furthered the Jenkins / Ennals policies.

The question of numbers is not a minor one. Legal entries of coloured immigrants have actually

risen over the past two years, the total of illegals is now admitted to

be very large, coloured births — even according to the ambiguous figures of the Registrar-General — are 50,000 per year and the parentage of the illegitimates is anybody's guess. In fact the coloured population is rising by 100,000 per year.

The heat has not gone out, as anyone realises who goes to South all, Bradford, or Notting Hill. All that has happened is an agreement by certain newspapers — whose editors now admit it — to suppress news and opinions on race. While Tory MPs make silly jokes about Italian au pair girls — disaster is looming.

G. K. Young 37 Abbotsbury House, London W14