6 MAY 1972, Page 28

Sir: I have found much cynical delight in reading Mr

Dykes's article (April 22) 'Immigration v. Race Relations.' For years I have been marvelling at the way liberal politicians managed to get into Parliament as Conservatives.

Conservatives I take to be people who would wish to conserve, among other things, the traditional type of British population — a white type, of European ancestry. Liberals, in contrast, are self-consciously superior people who regard this wish to conserve the traditional type as unenlightened. Mr Dykes appears to be a hybrid.

He is an ethnic conserver. But he is also a liberal. What he wants to conserve is not the white type, threatened with discoloration through " absorption " of colour, but the recently established colony of what he calls "Black Britons."

To conserve this vigorously breeding colony he advocates lulling the white aborigines into nonresistance with controls on further immigration, obscuring the fact that immigration is no longer the main source of coloured increase. He squares his advocacy of controls with his liberal conscience by arguing that they "make the white natives feel less threatened with invasion."

The cream of the joke is your editorial note at the end of the article: "Hugh Dykes is Conservative MP for Harrow East."

John Radcliff 38 Fairhazel Gardens, London NW6