6 NOVEMBER 1942, Page 12


SIR,—Mr. Walton comments on my commentary of Professor Allison Peers' Spanish Commentary. I do not know what his defeatist Spanish friends have to do with my remark on the levity with which distinguished English writers sometimes treat of Spanish affairs ; nor is it clear what he means by the invocation of the Atlantic Charter on behalf of "old- fashioned, uncritical, individualist democracy," since that grand utterance appears to be the opposite pole to "old-fashioned, &c.," with its promise of Justice, on a concrete social and economic basis. Lest confusion become worse confounded, allow me to make it clear: (r) that I was speaking of the political forces shaping contemporary Spain at the present moment (i.e., not England nor any other country), when I noted the striking absence amongst them of "old-fashioned, &c." democrats, i.e., Spanish, Republican, liberal, non-Communists ; (2) that I entirely dissociate myself from Mr. Walton's attack on Professor Peers' consistency. I have never doubted that he arrived at his conclusions in perfect good faith and in accordance with varying information which has reached him from Spain at different times. I do believe him to be mistaken—which is quite a different matter.—Yours