6 NOVEMBER 1942, Page 12

Sta,—Mr. Horrabin's and Mr. Sanders' letters commenting on Mr. Petei

Wiener's article in The Spectator interest me very much.

I have recently met a schoolmistress with whom I tried to discuss Germany the Aggressor (Prof. Hearnshaw). I thought as a teacher she would be interested in the book. Not a bit of it. "I have made up my mind," said the school., teacher very firmly, "that all wars are caused in the same way: simfily by the Financiers."

At the time I thought that the woman (a very young one) was unconsciously, perhaps, influenced by Nazi teaching, as she was simply echoing Hitler—but was it from Mr. Horrabin's Outline of Political Geography she was quoting? If so, with Mr. Sanders, I ask, "What action does the Minister of Education propose to take?" It is little use our talking of the re-education of Germany after the war if during it Nazi ideas are being taught in our own schools.—Yours sincerely, The Grange Nursing Home, Morden. MARGERY REILLY.