6 OCTOBER 1860, Page 12

A letter from Pesth, 1st of October, to Le .2nerd,

states that the new Austrian levy of 100,000 men encounters stout resistance, the young men liable to conscription vanishing in every direction, and immense numbers have taken refuge with such arms as they could seize within the wide-spreading jungles of the Balcony forests. Government had sent some battalions in search of them, but as these had to penetrate in de- tachments, very few came back, most of them having joined the recalci- trants. This enormous levy has been the only practical measure re- sulting from the Reichsrath's session just closed, and seems an appro- priate comment on its utter futility. During its progress the acts of Government kept in singular contrast to the tenor of its mock deliberations—the Imperial Vicegerent pleaded for protection and secu- rity to the press within the council board, while outside doors seven Hungarian journalists were being incarcerated ; the talk inside the Reichsrath was about extended and liberalized education, while Benedek was closing the Pesth University and shutting up the schools for an in- definite period ; safeguards for personal liberty and against arbitrary im- prisonment were discussed by the mock delegates, while redoubled ac- tivity was put forth by the police in sweeping arrests all over Venetia and Transylvania, Temesvar and Debreezen.—Globe Paris Correspondent.