6 OCTOBER 1860, Page 12



Preparations for the 4th of the month caused a large demand for Money all the week, some large sales of Stock having taken place, it is supposed, to meet the inquiry. Business has altogether been more extensive than for some time, although at the close today the Market for English Securities only shows a fractional alteration in values from those quoted last week. Consols opened on Monday dull, at 931 for Money, and 931 931 for Account. Operations during the day were limited, but more activity was apparent on Tuesday, as a slight improvement occurred. On Wednesday an advance to 931 931 was established, owing to the favourable tenor of Count Cavour's address in the Sardinian Chambers. Yesterday there was a consider- able amount of excitement produced by the more reassuring aspect of affairs, and the receipt of higher quotations from the Paris Bourse; a large amount of purchases were made at 931 early in the day, by "Bears" eager to close outstanding accounts a partial reaction took place at the close, and after official hours prices were heavier. Today there has been a decided decline, Consols opening the first thing 931 buyers only ; the quotation has remained all day 931 931 and 931 931 for Novem- ber. Money was dead in the morning, but has since become easier ; the average rate is about 41 per cent. There is very little doing. Consols for Money, 931 931. Bank Stock shut. India Five per Cent, 1031 1031; Ditto Debentures (1858) mark 961. Reduced and New Three per Cent, 1 4 premium. ' In the Foreign Market transactions have been more numerous, and prices shotra more healthy tone. Buenos Ayres, 94 96 ; Ditto Three per Cent, 291 301i Peruvian, ITribarren, 831 841 ; Ditto Dollar Bonds, 82 84. The principal bargains have been in Mexican Bonds, which are 22/ 22i ; in Peruvian Four-and-a-half per Cent,: 94 95; Peruvian Three per Cent, 721 734; Spanish Three per Cent, 481 481; Ditto Deferred, 391 40 ; Ditto Certificates, 6 6}; and in Turkish Six per Cent, 73i 74; .Ditto New Six per Cent, 66 561; 'Grenada Active, 171 171; Ditto Deferred, 61,61.

Today there has not been so much activity, but quotations have not mate- rially receded. Chilian Six per Cent close 101 102; Ditto Four-and-a- half per Cent, 82 83 ; Russian Five per Cent, 1031 104+ ; Sardinian, 83/ 841; Victor Emmanuel, 941 951. Other Stocks are stationary or at merely nominal rates.

The Railway Share Market has been exceedingly buoyant all the week until today. A very general rise has .been established, and but for the check to the upward movement in Consols this morning, there was every appearance of a still greater advance. Midland Stock, at one time yester-

day. 131 1311, is now only 1291 1291 ; Leeds, although higher than last weekis flatter today, and closes 1171 117/ ; Great Western, 741 741; London

and North-Western, 1001 1001; London and South-Western, 921931. There has also been a very active business passing in the lighter markets; the traffic receipts showing a large augmentation. Caledonian, 911 921; London and Brighton, 110 112; South-Eastern, 831 831; North Staf- fordshire, 141141; Great Northern, 115 117 ; Ditto A Stock, 120 122; London and Blackwell, 65 67 ; Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln, 471481.

French shares have been steadily improving, occasioned by the advance in Paris. Northern of France close 381 391; Orleans, Tours and Bordeaux, 55 57 ; Lombardo-Venetian have experienced a good deal oefluctuation, but after advancing to 1 dis. are now only 1 dis. Sambre and Meuse station- ary, 6 61; Namur and Liege, 8 81 ; Luxembourg, 6/ 7i; Paris and Lyons, 364 371. The New Marine Companies have been tolerably active at the following prices—Ocean, 15 21 ; London and Provincial, 1 It dis. ; Thames and Mersey, 1 I prem. ; Universal, 1 1 prem. Joint-Stock Banks quiet but firm—City shares closes 67 69; London and Westminster, 60 62; London Joint-Stock, 30 31; and Union good, 25 26.