6 SEPTEMBER 1975, Page 4


Sir: Valerie 'Riches (August 16) has detailed what she. chooses to call the "numerous tentacles of the unholy alliance" of organisations working in the birth-control field. Mrs Riches is, of course, part of a parallel alliance whose "tentacles" should also be made familiar to your readers.

According to the leaflets of the Responsible Society, Mrs Riches is a member of its executive committee and one of its sponsors is Sir John Peel. Interestingly, Sir John is alsb a trustee of the Foundation for Education and Research in Childbearing (publishers of the now discredited Wynn Report on 'Consequences of Induced Abortion to Children Born Subsequently') that operated from the same address as the Human Rights Society. Other trustees of the Foundation for E & R in C are Adrian Fitzgerald (long time treasurer of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children) and Margaret White (a prominent and attractive committee member of that same anti-abortion organisation). And as if that is not enough, the director of the Foundation is none other than the co-founder and energetic press secretary of spuc wearing her maiden name. Recently the Foundation has shared a telephone number with SPUC.

Such readers as are still following this tangle of tentacles, may also absorb the fact that the recently formed Pro-Life Information Centre has as its hon. sec. the aforementioned Adrian Fitzgerald and, just for good measure, that its chairman is the former president of the Merseyside SPUC. I could go on much longer, detailing such matters as the transformation of Nicholas Fogg from joint editor of the magazine Humanity to prime activist in SPUC: or the migration of Debby Saunders from the secretaryship of her local branch of LIFE to, what her neighbourhood newspaper calls, "the driving force" behind Women For Life (who, it is rumoured, had their origins in SPUC) and who wrote to you, on similar lines to Mrs Riches.

Presumably Mrs Riches considers this alliance to be 'holy' and thus acceptable because it opposes, rather than supports, a policy of liberal abortion laws?

• Diane Munciay PRO, British Pregnancy Advisory Service, 22 Brewhouse Hill, Wheathampstead, St Albans, Herts