6 SEPTEMBER 1975, Page 5


Sir: Peregrine writes (August 23) that he has travelled the length of Loch Ness once or twice and he knows that there is no monster. He arrives at his conclusion with arrogant ease; he has not seen 'the' monster, therefore there is no monster. Like many people, I have travelled along Loch Ness many times and have seen no unusual creatures, but from the sixth century onwards many have testified to seeing a large creature in the Loch. I have spoken to four professional people who said they had seen it (or one of them). Am I to dismiss them as liars or as mistaken? Hoaxes have, of course, occurred.

As far as I know there is no scientific proof of the existence of these creatures as yet. There are several books on the subject but evidence is circumstantial. It seems unlikely that only one creature has existed for centuries; a race of the species is more probable.

Are you totally contemptuous of Scotland? In your issue of August 9 you describe the Queen Mother as 'the daughter of an English country gentleman'. Her Majesty is the daughter of the Earl of Strathmore of Glamis Castle, which is well within Scotland. William Glashan 44 Glenburn Drive, Inverness