6 SEPTEMBER 2003, Page 29

Pogroms and pipedreams

From Graham Wheeler Sir; Adrian Hilton's article (Render unto the Pope.. . ', 30 August) is funny without being vulgar. As a practising Catholic, my response to it can be encapsulated in two words: 'If only!'

In Germany during the 1930s, one Jew was discovered by another engrossed in a copy of Der Stunner. On being asked why on earth he was choosing to spend his time reading such vile calumnies and slanders, he replied. 'The Jewish press is full of stories about anti-Semitic pogroms and persecutions. If! read Der Stunner, I learn that we Jews are in control of international finance, world politics, the press and the arts — that we're about to take over the world! Do you know, it makes me feel so much better!'

Graham Wheeler

Girton College, Cambridge