7 FEBRUARY 1936, Page 42

"The Spectator" Crossword No. 176

Br 2550

LA Ptizaof one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be marked " Crossword Puszle," and should be-reseined ad later than first post on Tuesday. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Tuesday. Solutions should be on the form appearing below. The name of the whiner will be published in our next issue. Envelopes containing solutions nunt bear a three-halfpenny stamp, otherwise they are surcharged on delivery.]

ACROSS 1. This person is good for nothing.

7. In 14.

9. It's the same in every poem narrating heroic deeds. 12. The gods swore their most solemn oaths by this.

14. A little more than an inch can be got out of two gallons. .

16. Schoolboys learn early to inflect it.

17. Jaques uses it four times in one line.

19. Used to intercept spillings.

20. This person becomes casual with a slight change of front.

22. See 5.

23. " Round about the keel with faces pale, Dark faces pale against the rosy flame, The mild-eyed melancholy . . . came."

27. This word is select, and in French !

29. rev. " . . . flesh is as grass."

30. Vowels.

31. The punishment for fumb- ling a point in football ?

33. These American harvesters get a chilly reception !

34. rev. " This tune goes . . . Come go we to the king ; our power is ready ;

Our lack is nothing but our leave."

35. Pummels. DOWN 1. A student of this has hi, head in the clouds !

2. Half the heap is resin.

3. rev. Spread abroad.

4. Game played by Belinda.

5. Detect with 22.

6. rev. In 27.

7. " . . they do shout, That even to the heavens thoyr shouting shrill Doth reach, and all the firmament doth fill."

8. Departure over a verge.

10. I can on it (anag.).

11. American district.

12. Gull.

13. rev. Often let out of the bag.

15. Contemptible people.

18. rev. With me in it.

19. Make a sudden bite.

21. rev. Gem of a type !

24. " Flies o'er the unbending corn, and . . . a along the main."

25. Belongs to the genus ulmus.

26. The steamer is about in.

28. rev. An American sleeper.

32. rev. In 20.