7 NOVEMBER 1947, Page 14


Two Swedes have given the Research Institute workers at Oxford a comparative account of farming in Sweden which will interest all those who believe in yeoman service, that is in the small farm. A special committee was appointed by the Government to consider the general organisation of husbandry, and its final verdict as to the size of farm to aim at is this: " The committee established as a fact that farms between fifty and seventy-five acres of cultivated land have most of the advantages of larger farms, which give only about the same interest on capital and little more output per worker." It recommends such farms " as the aim for the future." The report also emphasises the social value of the small and family farm. The quotation is taken from the latest issue of The Farm Economist, price is., issued by the Research Institute, Parks Road, Oxford. Of course, the findings of this committee have been criticised, but the Government is to bring in legislation to carry out its recommendations. May we, too, increase our yeomen!