8 AUGUST 1840, Page 10

A most atrocious case of stabbingoccurred in Liverpool last week,

by which the lives of three persons were placed in imminent danger. The infuriated wretch stabbed his wife in the neck, and a shoemaker in the face and several parts of the body : his sister also chute in for a share of the brute's ferocity. It appears that a quarrel had taken place in a neighbouring public-house, and the knife was resorted to. Ile was immediately secured by the police, and will be tried for the offence at the ensuing Assizes. The injured persons are expected to recover.

A foul attempt to poison a whole family was made at Morpeth on Monday, by a female servant in the establishment of Dr. Robb. It appears that shortly after breakfast on that day, Mr. and Mrs. Robb were seized with violent vomiting, attended with spasms of the limbs, and great prostration of strength. Suspicion rested on the female servant, a girl about seventeen years old, who had only been in their service about five weeks ; and, on being interrogated, she confessed that she had mixed with the cake made that morning for breakfast sonic of the contents of a bottle she had seen her master use for poisoning rats. She assigned no reason for doing so, being comfortable in her situation, but believed that the devil must have put it into her head. By a fortunate mischance she had got hold of a bottle of tartar emetic, and not arsenic, as she had thought ; and though time effects of the former are very. deleterious, they are not so fearful as the latter, and by the application of proper remedies the sufferers were soon restored. A constable was sent for to apprehend the girl, but he refused to act, as lie had not yet been sworn into office ; in consequence of which, the girl effected her escape, and is supposed to have gone to her friends in Bedlington.—.Aerveastk Paper.