8 AUGUST 1840, Page 11

The quantity of maaufactured goods exported to the Unitel •(

atrium was remarkably small duriog the first six months in the present year. Within time last few weeds, however, the younity has increased, and. now there is a lair export to the States. The President steam-ship, although she charged five guineas t)er ton, got not less than I,300 packages of manufactured sesels on freight. The packet-ships, as well an the transient vessels. sieo teL a fdir share of goods. We trust, therefore, that we may bail the present revival of export as a symptom of retun) ing confidence in the I 'lilted Stays market, and that the consumption.

of British goods by ,nr 1,robren will speedily bec.outt as extensive as it WilS Le!i)fe the Se:N011 At a meeting of the prolwietors of the Newcastle and North Shields Railway, on Friday, the Directors declared a dividend of 3 per ctnt. out of the revenue for the first year, after paying all expenses, and leaving a surplus of 61:3/. 3s. 70.

The receipts upon the L.m.lon and Birmingham last week (as pals. fished in the Raibeass Tirne.;) amoueted to no less than 18,429/. upwards of Is;:ete/. of wide') was received front passengers.

We have reeson to helier)e that on and after the 2-111s instant the mails between London and Leeds will be despatched by railway twice a day.—Leeds telligen