8 AUGUST 1840, Page 20


WAR.111,11(111, Aug. -1.—E1 Itegt. cif Drit:. Cititi,ls--Capt. F. Ilammersley, loan the 15th Light Drags. t i 1 (*apt. vice Lord Amiens, win) exehatige's 15th Itegt• .1 Light 11rags.--0a1ui. Ii (E,Noale Visct. Ariii.ols, Ilsint the 1st Drag. thiards, to he (apt. vire

Ilainuttirslev, N1110 1,X1711:01gt.s. 6111 11.•.:1. of ;,ta-F. Jones. froin he 17th

Foot, to be Lieut. Viet' who l'7.1 1,;111g0S., 15111 I.\ 1111-1.11;111, It. It F. I tiokin. sou 5,1 ho t.ufi lv pith'irOA., VIVO 1...I1111:111. W111/ r,,tir..s.; Ensign 3. A. Wilkinson to

Lient. lv iinteintse, vice Dielritisou ; J. 1Villtitisoti, Gent. to he Etisign. by putohase,

S ie,. ljth l,t—Lietit. (1. Ii. Messiter, from the tith Foot. to la. Lieut. Croohsliatile. who ...Nell :mg., 12.1st Pout --Lieut. 0. A. II. Ittnitholit, from the 51,1 Few, to he First Liont. vice Croo...shaitlt, who exchanges. 50111 rool--Liellt•

to be without tettolmse, vice Best, dec. ; Ensign J. Si. Smyth to be ;Skean', • :eta. II, .1. al Mil. 011.1.1,.. I ;t1Sign,

he \ 51-1 --Livid. It. C. ml, Ctenh.diiiIiii. I ti lie :21,-; Foot, ui lw !Aunt.

vico t.9111 Lieut. F. C..1■.11!..r to be Capt. without

purchase, Nice tee,; Eiti.ign \V. J. 0 II. Aplitt to to• Lieut. silh, Aylmer;

tient. Cadet front the 11,,a1 Mil. (oll. to he Ensign, %ice Aplin.

Memorandumoy,ellange between 1.. I hut, of the Ski lot, nn) Licut. I). R. .Tones, on halfisty of the 45th Foot, as stitica id the liai.etie of the 5th ,Iune iS II). Las been caticencil.

Aug. 7.-13th LigiA it as.--Cornet T. W. Smith to be lieut., by purelmse, vie° \Vanier, w11,.. relbes; 11. lV,Isolt, Gent. to he C....nal. hy purchase, vice Smith. 1st Ilegt. Vtiot titus -1,ie.11.-et,i. E. F. liasceigao, nolo the bale-par um:ittacheil, to be Capt. :not Lient.•Col. vice F. V, ilarcoint, who exchanges• -10t itegt. Foul—Lieut. C. Sheppard lo be r1,1.1/11111, se l't1111.1', who resigns Ow Adnut.iney only. 10th t 11. 0. lait.g.lon ii, 1■11 I jutit. by purchase, 1131. lure.,,{ tire;; T. liii , lit i:i• pitch:c.o.!, ice Lotigilcii. 12.1.4 Fool --Second

Limit. II. \V. Nlai !in to he I Lieut. without petcha,i, vice

Second Lieut. F. iIuuthuuu. 1, 1 ‘1,1, :11,■11111, ig,ifitel 'it iii' lIth Nlay 1S-10, Is licen cancelle,1; Cadet \V. Savage, from the Ito■al Mil. Cot. to

Si-. tot Lieut, t toe Foot —Lout. 'F. \V. Smith, frail the lialfpity of the

0th Light Dragi:, to he (n. riot! !gnaw, pomaded. 3Ist Fout—Assist.-Sarg. (I. W. Matiready, troth the 52i1 Foot, to lie Aioist.•Stag. vice Ayer., deceased. iSO 1"..1— Major .1. Campbell to hi! 1.ieut.•‘:01. hv lair siu-i' Piper, Om rolircs; Vala• II. 1■• Sticks to ajor, , hy purchase, sti& 'Camphell ; W. S. 1.-tinith to Ile by lillr• el1;1,,, ; bolisan to be Lieut. I.y purchase. %ha, S1111111; I ;NIL Cailet II. Holden, from the 10.)al Nli!. (V. It t,. licsigit, by purehase, vice Jackson.

41./111 Foot—Capt. E. S. lio,cawen ti 1,1' liv purchase vice Jobb, who rou-es; Lieut. F. While to he pmehase, sire .t..lohnst.,t1 to be 0-.1. M. II. N to he Alt. prom 43.1 Fool Gent. 0a,let

H. A. Sanford, from the 111,ial NI il. Col, to without purchase. 5..1,I FootLietit..1. l'hoteits, from the 4311 Foot, to be Capt. without purchase, vice Noreott, ap1uoliit..,1 to the it jilt Brigade; A. Shone, Deut. to be Assist.•Surg. vivo Macready, ml. pointed to the list Foot. 91.st Foot—F. 'larding, Guilt. to be Ensign. without pia, elmse, ',ice Chicle, who resitis•

1E11, Brigarle—Capt. W. S. it. 1Nameolt, from the 5t!il Iguut, to Le Capt. vice Fry. dece.,stst.

2.1 West lodia ltegt.--Essien G. L. W00,1(1 to be 1,icin, without purchase, vice Lapslie, who retires; 0. Sleevens, Gent. 10 be Ensign, by purchase, vice \VomItl.

Unattached—Lieut. Gibbons, from the 49t1t Fout. to it Capt without purchase.