9 APRIL 1836, Page 1

The Revenue accounts for the quarter ending on the 5th

instant exhibit an increase over the corresponding quarter of 1835, of 221,6191.: the revenue for the year, up to the same date, is larger than that of the preceding year by 82,401/. The principal increase is in the Excise and Customs. The Commissioners of the National Debt have given notice that the sum of 405,4341., being one quarter of the actual surplus of income over expenditure for the year which closed on the 5th of January last, will be devoted to the extinction of a portion of the Debt. These statements call for little comment. On the whole they are satisfactory, although the increase of receipts is not so large as some persons appear to have expected. It may be remarked, that the moderate augmentation in the payments to the Excise and Customs is inconsistent with the notion that the trade of the country is under the action of unhealthy stimulants. Symptoms of over-trading would surely show themselves in the Revenue tables, did such overtrading and speculation exist to any extent.