9 APRIL 1836, Page 19



RUMOUR says that an unusual number of large pictures have been this year received for exhibition at Somerset House—we hope they will prove to be great works. The largest is a picture by STANFIELD, of the Battle of Trafalgar, (it is said) sixteen feet long—quite a scene ! Among the subjects of the principal pictures are—Napoleon and tile Pope, by WILKIE; Cromwell and Charles the First, by CiisE ; Sir Thomas More going to receive his Father's blessing, on his way to the Court of Chancery, by HART. ETTY had a large historical picture in hand, but we have not heard if it is finished; nor whether llicrox adds to the number of large pictures. EDWIN LAND.. SEElt has one of a 1Vild Bull, the size of life.

The want of room will be grievously felt by the minor exhibiters; and their only comfort is, the prospect of having more room and better light for their works when the Academy removes to the National Gallery.