9 APRIL 1836, Page 4

The Solicitor-General has given his opinion, that the conduct of

the old Leeds Corporation, in alienating their funds, was illegal aud fraudulent, and that the seven thousand pounds may be recovered on an application to the Court of Chancery. We are sure the burgesses of Leeds will require their Council to institute proceedings for the recovery of the property without delay, if the old Corporation should have the audacity to persist in their wrongful act, and that the borough will support the Council in those proceedings.—Leeds Mercury.

Sergeant Talfourd has been again recommended to the Government for the honourable office of Recorder of the city of Oxford, by an unanimous vote of a Town-Council held on Thursday last.

At Poole, on Tuesday, a contest for the choice of Churchwardens resulted in the election of two Tory gentlemen, by a majority of 275 to 170 over their Liberal opponents. This the Seandardcalls a "great triumph of the Church at Poole ! " Heaven help the State religion, when such an event is looked upon as a "great triumph."

There are in the county of Chester ninety-six Magistrates; of these, eight only were Whigs till Lord John Russell, a few weeks since, appointed five others ; which gave great umbrage to the whole Tory clique, who wish to keep out all Liberal men.

The Nottingham ladies have presented Mrs. O'Connell with a superb lace veil, the manufacture of the town.