9 APRIL 1836, Page 7

A numerous meeting of gentlemen educated by Archdeacon Butler, at

the Shrewsbury School, was held at the Thatched House Tavern yesterday,—Sir Francis Holyoake Goodrieke in the chair,—to consider the best mode of testifying their respect for the virtues and talents of that eminent scholar, on the occasion of his approaching retirement from the head-mastership of the school. The report in the Times says " The only question upon which any diversity of opinion appeared to prevail, was that which had reference to the character of the testimonial to be offered to their filmier preceptor. Some gentlemen thought that a presentation of plate, which would Inc handed down from generation to generation in the Archdeacon's family, would prove must grateful to the feelings of that gentleman; whilst others were of opinion that his name, fame, and preeminent talents, would be best handed down to posterity by the finuulation of a classical prize scholarship, bearing the Doctor's name. The tnajority of the meeting were, however, in favour of the former proposition ; which was ultimately unani• mously agreed to. A Committee of twenty-four gentlemen were appointed to carry into effect the object proposed. Nearly the whole of those present were members of the two I 'Iliversities, and others had also conie a greater distance on purpose to assist in the meritorious and honourable project. The meeting came to the subjoined resolution : That in the opinion of this meeting the Venerable Archdeacon Butler, by his rare learning, consennuate ability, and unprecedented success as a master, as well as by the atfectionate interest he has always taken in the welfare of his pupils, is eetithal to their high respect, esteem, and gratitude. That the approaching retirement of Archdeacon Butler from the head-mastership of Shrewsbury Sebtad presents a favourable opportunity for the manifestation of these 6.clings by some public testimonial. That, with this view, a subscription be immediately entered into, and books opened for that purpose.' "

Mr. Wordsworth, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, has been elected head master of Harrow, in the room of Dr. Longley. Mr. 1Vordsworth was educated at Winchester ; arid his brother, who is now second master of Winchester, was educated at Harrow.—Tintes.