9 APRIL 1836, Page 9

A Mr. DALE, from the Edinburgh and Dublin Theatres, appeared

as Virginias, at Cot .nt Garden, on Tuesday, with considerable applause, which indeed he merited. His acting was manly and vigorous, and he evinced discretion and feeling ; so that he never offended if he did not make a strong impression. His person is tall and well-proportioned, 'and his voice rich and full, though not strong enough to bear the continued exertion necessary to fill a large theatre. His face is neither in feature nor expression moulded for tragedy ; and for an actor of experience—as, judging from Mr. DALE'S mature age, we take him to be— he showed a remarkable deficiency of stage tact in his attitudes, the management of his voice, and most of all, in failing to make obvious points tell on the audience. But the nervousness incidental to a first appearance on the London boards may have deprived him of his selfpossession ; which would account for these deficiencies. Mr. DALE 111 a desirable actor for the leading characters in a provincial company, but his powers are not adequate to such a station in London,—though, after De:es-it's elevation to the tragic throne, Mr. DALE is not to be despised. The cast of the tragedy otherwise was in keeping with that of the pnneipal diameter. Miss FAUC1T ought to have taken the part of Virginia, instead of Miss AVvisteram : we hope she does not think herself above it—that would be a sad mistake.

Mr. DALE has since acted Pierre, and the Stranger : but we have not seen him in either character.