9 APRIL 1836, Page 9


The Gondolier, from Liverpool to Madras. is on shore on Robin Island (Cape of Good Hope), bilged with six feet water in her hold. Arrived -At Gravesend. April 7th, Eleanor, Mann; and Warblington. Crosby, from Mauritins; and Stb, Earl Grey, Hobinsail, from Manilla. At Deal, 7th. Duke of Lancaster, Hargreaves. from China; and Si!,. Jean, Goldie, from Singapore. Off Dover, 8th, Barrett° junior, Sanders, from Madras. At Cowes, Sth, Rosendale. Friend, from China; and Mount Stuart Elphintone, --. from Calcutta. At Bristol. 4th, Eliza, Harris. from Mauritius. At Liverpool. 2d, l'rincess Charlotte. McKean, from Bombay. Off Ditto. 7th. Laurence, —, from Bengal. At the Cape. Jan. 30th,. Hero of Maloun, Grundy ; 31st Emma. Hudson: and Fel). 4th, Gilmore. Lindsay, from Bombay ; Arethusa, Jones, from Manilla ; and 411, Eagle, Patterson, from Mauritius. At 'tomboy-Malabar. Tuckee; and Carnatic, Brodie, from London. At Bengal-Windsor. Ila ..... mt. from London ; and St. George. Thompson, from Bristol ; At Madras, Dec. 21.st, Wellington, Liddell, from London.