9 APRIL 1836, Page 9

The extravaganza at Covent Garden, called Zazezizozu, is a very

fitting piece of absurdity for the Easter holydays, and capitally well got up. The dialogue, too, promised to be very amusing at first, though it fell off lamentably : the mock-heroic verse of the first scene is quite in keeping with the story. The scenes and incidents are supplied by the adventures of the three sons of Zazezizuzii, the Priebe of all the " undiscovered islands beyond the extremity of' the globe," in search of sonic treasure that shall determine the beautiful Princess Zaza in favour of one of them. One travels by steam-boat, another by railroad, and the third by balloon; tile first reaching the dominion of Dominos, the second the island of Chess, and the third the kingdom of Cards. The personations of the dominos, chessmen, and cards, are very ingenious and complete. A game of living dominos is played on the stage ; and an entire set of animated chessmen is placed on a floor of squares, but only a few preliminary moves are made, while the colossal cards only shuffle themselves about. The scenery is fantastically beautiful,— the city of Dominos and the pagoda of Cards especially : and the music, consisting of well-known airs and concerted pieces cleverly parodied, is prettily sung by Miss ROMER and Miss TURPIN. Altogether, the piece is novel and amusing ; and though not produced at very great cost, is sufficiently splendid. arid much more entertaining to the eye than some of the most glittering pageants at Drury. By the way, the holyday folks have been treated rather scurvily by BUNS, in giving them faded tinsel at Easter. A pretty showman he, not to dress up a spick and span new bauble as a theatrical fairing for his friends ! RICHARDSON at Greenwich did not serve them so, we'll be bound.

The Plague and the Fire of London, we hear, have been set forth with splendid horrors at Astley's ; and no opportunity was omitted to show off Ducaow's stud. The spectators—audience there was none— applauded uproariously; and the whole house seemed one vast tumultuous Olympus—for the gods at Astley's are not confined to the gallery.