9 AUGUST 1975, Page 5

Sir: Mr Reginald Maudling is talking the same old load

of rubbish we've heard for the last nineteen years (Alternative to Prison,' July 26). Successive Home Secretarys (and he Was one of our very worst) during those years, haven't cared a damn for Britain — or for the British people. They haven't cared a damn for law and order, Protecting the public, supporting our wonderful police or for doing a proper Job of work. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, who loved this country (instead of 'self, always self) could have run the Home Office and protected our country from disaster and anarchy. Not one of them has done so. They are all guilty men and should be Put on trial — for wrecking this country, Would Churchill have allowed these fools to do this to us and to our loved country? Never! Then why have we to Put up with it? We've had enough of it. Let us have the truth for a change. And no more of Maudling and his trendy rubbish.

Margaret Forsyth 3 St Ann's Court, Friary Lane, Salisbury, Wilts