9 AUGUST 1975, Page 5

Ulster policy

Sir: I agree with Mr Clifford Smyth that if HMG were to betray the Loyalists to the IRA "a new campaign surrounded by outside revolutionary forces and strengthened by success across the Irish Sea would be exported across the Irish Sea to Seotland, England and Wales." The tragic thing is that all three political parties in Great Britain are so feeble, so decadent and so anti-British that a pull-out from Ulster IS the most likely action to result from the current secret talks between the British Government and members of Sinn Fein.

The only hope for an honourable settlement in Northern Ireland, as well as for a satisfactory end to the inflation that is ravaging the entire United Kingdom, is a Government led by the brilliant and patriotic Rt Hon J. Enoch Powell.

Isla Atherley Hazel Cottage, Charlbury, Oxford