9 AUGUST 1975, Page 7

Amo! Amat! Amin!

"Now I am Chairman of the OAU, I shall expect to get the deference due To one who's reached the very top degree.

The great Field Marshall al Haji Idi Amin Dada, head of Black Unity, Self-titled, VC, DSO, MC.

"People have said that since I reached the heights, ,

My policy has been to b\ait the whites.

This is not true. I hate no creed or race.

The whites are welcome, if they keep their place. love them all. No white man's burden I, Provided that they'll carry me on high. • "I'm shocked about my dearest friend, Gowon. I'll never leave Uganda from now on. All Africa will soon call me "Da-Da."

This is quite frank, but don't think I'm ga-ga. I am the greatest there has ever been; The biggest black! Amo! Amat! Amin!

Basil Charles