9 JUNE 2001, Page 28

Who is behind UKIP?

From Professor Antony Flew Sir: Clearly Norman Tebbit wrote his article ('UKIP: is there a hidden agenda?', 26 May) before the appearance of full-page advertisements for UKIP not only in The Spectator but also in the national dailies. He was, of course, absolutely right to insist that `UKIP supporters who want their votes to count would be wise to vote for Tory candidates wherever the seat might otherwise fall to Europhile LibDems or Labour'.

And since he was also right in his insistence that 'only a victory for Hague can prevent Britain being bounced into the euro in a rigged referendum', I should have conjectured that these advertisements were being financed by some multimillionaire supporter of Labour and the euro, had it not now become known that the money is coming from someone as hostile to

Eurofederalism as Norman Tebbit himself. So I can only suggest that that benefactor — like most MP members of my acquaintance — refuses to support the party of Edward Heath, whatever the consequences of that refusal. I am tempted to quote one of the better sayings of Karl Marx: 'In times of crisis stupidity becomes a crime' Antony Flew

Reading, Berkshire