12 APRIL 1968

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The agony of America

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he assassination of Dr Martin Luther King Memphis, Tennessee, on Thursday 4 oril has brutally reminded America and e brutal and brutalising fighting will within e foreseeable...

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One hundred thousand people came to Atlanta, Georgia, for the funeral of Martin Luther King, the American negro leader. His assassination was the signal for riots, arson and...

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To fetch the poor dogs a bone

The Spectator

POLITICAL COMMENTARY AUBERON WAUGH Politics is about power—or at any rate so many people have said, so that to establish anything else would require pages of learned and para-...

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Too many reshuffles

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GOVERNMENT ANTHONY KING One is not quite sure what the name of the game should be. `Musical chairs' fits last Friday's proceedings well enough since there were chairs for all...

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The cog becomes human

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RUSSIA TIBOR SZAMUELY A crucial development has taken place, almost unnoticed, in the last year or so: for the first time since 1917 Western public opinion is find- ing out...

Incomes policy

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CHRISTOPHER HOLLIS However high the prices go, We've got to keep the wages low, Or, if we don't, we can't avoid Two or three million unemployed. So we may reasonably say The...

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A hundred years ago

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From the 'Spectator', 11 April 1868—The Oiford and Cambridge Boat Race, this day week, ter- minated in what is now the usual way,—Oxford winning, — by three or four lengths. It...


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of a fajiure POLITICIANS :JO GRINIOND. Desmond Donnelly's book' Gadarene '68 Mal- ber 21s) is an attack upon Harold Wilson and his government. Many of its opinions seem...

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The decay of liberty

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STATE & CITIZEN LORD GOODMAN Slowly and imperceptibly, governments are taking away essential liberties. They are doing it unashamedly and without apology—either by statutory...

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J. W. M. THOMPSON It's probably too much to expect that people in this country will ever properly understand the American political system. Misapprehensions abound. Out of the...

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The Existential Hero

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PERSONAL COLUMN STEPHEN VIZINCZEY Our age lacks both sanity and honour, but Eugene McCarthy's notion that it is more fun to do the right thing than to worry about success may...

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Too much news

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THE PRESS BILL GRUNDY During the last ten days every news editor in the world has looked remarkably like the Jew of Malta, as he tried to 'inclose/Infinite riches in a little...

The Fry affair

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PRESS COUNCIL RANDOLPH S. CHURCHILL It all started nearly four years ago. Mr Quentin Crewe, whom I did not know, wrote to tell me that his friend, Mrs Camilla Fry, whom I had...

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La la la

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TELEVISION STUART ROOD . To get the most out of the Eurovision Song Omitest, whose finals' were celebrated laSt "$attirday, you have to be dedicated—as is Tcim -groan, head of...

Charles V or Lord Brougham?

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TABLE TALK DENIS BROGAN Washington-Princeton—In one way, I am e- very experienced journalist. I have a brown thumb that leads me to miss important stories with distressing...

Specialists all .

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MEDICINE JOHN ROWAN WILSON For a long time now, the training system for doctors in this country has been completely indefensible in terms of contemporary medical practice. The...

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Merger in the cathedral

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AFTERTIIOUGIIT JOHN WELLS Ecclesiasticus Chapter Thirteen and Verse Two: 'Take not up a burden that is above thy strength, and have no fellowship with one that is mightier and...

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Lost iconoclast SPRING BOOKS 2

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MARTIN SEYMOUR-SMITH A reprint of the whole of Scrutiny (1932-53) is available, but the price is not encouraging; these two well-produced volumes* contain a generous selection...

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No malice in it

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PATRICK ANDERSON Readers of W. B. Yeats's poem, 'The Tower,' will recall a certain Mrs French and the butler who brought to her dinner-table the ears of an insolent farmer 'in...

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Caliban Reborn : Renewal in twentieth cen-

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Sweet & tuneless • ROBERT HENDERSON • tury music Wilfrid Mellers (Gollancz 30s) Whatever its ultimate significance, western musical sensibility has been profoundly dis- turbed...

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Scattered seed ±i JOHN HOLLOW AY !

The Spectator

The Sassoons Stanley Jackson (Heinemann 63s) l Like certain other things, Stanley Jackson's • The Sassoons at . first stimulates or even ex; hilarates, but in the end leaves...

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Men only HENRY TUBE Tune Lawrence Durrell (Faber 25s) Vac Paul Ableman (Gollancz 21s) The Misolonghi Manuscript Frederic Prokosch (W. H. Allen 30s) Inquiring for a copy of...

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STUART HOOD The fate of European Jewry and the mech- anisms of the final solution have been the subject of detailed and terrible documentation. We know the facts. We can read...

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Up the windpipe

The Spectator

JOHN ROWAN WILSON It is claimed by the publisher of this book that the author 'does for the human body what John Gunther has done for the continents of the world.' An awesome...

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Courtly culture

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MICHAEL BORRIE The Court of Richard II Gervase Mathew !John Murray 42s) This short but fascinating book takes us at a brisk trot through the art, literature, aesthetics,...

Pastures new

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BARRY HUMPHRIES The American 1890s Larzer Ziff (Chatto and Windus 42s) I have never been convinced that the decimal system ideally lends itself to literary and artistic...

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Private's path

The Spectator

FRANCIS WATSON The dust of India, and of the English library of Indian experience, bears certain footprints as curiously isolated as that which startled Crusoe. The thought...

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Cooks tour

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CHRISTOPHER FILDES Good Food Guide revised edition 1968 edited by Raymond Postgate (Consumers' Association and Hodder and Stoughton 21s) 'The vocabulary of "Bradshaw"' (said...

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Cricket marathon

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MYLES RAVEN The only Aboriginal cricketer to make his mark in first-class cricket was Eddie Gilbert, who played for Queensland between 1931 and 1936. He must also be the only...

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Pukka trumps and lost charpoys

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ANTHONY BURGESS Hobson-Jobson Henry Yule and H. C. Burnell (Routledge and Kegan Paul £6 6s) Let us take tea. The word came from Fuh-Kien, along with the leaf itself. The...

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Swedish Eden PENELOPE HOUSTON Elvira Madigan (Academy One, 'A') Vivre pour Vivre (Cameo Poly and Cameo Vi, toria, 'X') A Dandy in Aspic (Columbia, 'A') In Sweden, around 1890,...

A dream of ruffles and lace ARTS

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ROY STRONG I always wanted to be a cavalier even before long hair came back into fashion. Being lowered one minute on a cardboard cloud glistering in silver and carnation ready...

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Politicians down the ages HILARY SPURLING Julius Caesar (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon) John Barton's Julius Caesar, which follows his Coriolanus at Stratford...

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Normality round the corner? MONEY

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NICHOLAS DAVENPORT Proposition One: if peace talks over Vietnam really begin, expect a pause in the bull market. The aggressive buying of equity shares will stop; the flight...


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CHRISTOPHER FILDES One of the Greek colonels' sillier mistakes was to fall out with M Xenophon Zolotas. When last year he resigned the governorship of the Bank of Greece,...

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Investing people

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BUSINESS VMWPOINT' F. E. JONES 'ger . E. Jones. FRS, is managing director of 'Milliard Limited, and was chairman of the 'Working Croup on Migration which produced...

ffolkes's business types

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Company notes

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CUSTOS Mr Edward Powell, chairman of Chloride Electrical Storage, forecasts a higher trading profit for 1968. The 1967 results were affected by the commissioning costs of. the...

Empire buildink .

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PORTFOLIO JOHN BULL Although billed as a - growth sitnaticin, Empire Stores has not been one of the fastest-moving shares in my first portfolio. Publication of the 1967-68...

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A written constitution?

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Sir: Anthony Lewis has got it wrong again .(Letters, 5 April). He says that in my article ('The case against a written constitution,' 29 March), I accused him of advocating...

Immigration •

The Spectator

LETTERS From Mrs Joyce Raw, Nadine Peppard, Mal- colm Shaw, Paul Baratier, John Woodhill, Mary Leigh Doyle, the Rev Gordon Wilson. fit'; I dislike having to disagree with Mr...

Dr Martin Luther King

The Spectator

Sir: You may wish to knoW that a book is now available in the lobby of the American Erribasiy, Groivenor Square, London WI, for 'those who wish to sign their names to record...

A written constitution ?

The Spectator

Sir : I have read Mr Lewis's article on the advantages of a written constitution (8 March'). During the last two centuries, political events in countries enjoying a written set...

Opting out of Utopia

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Sir: Mr Robert Hughes opted out of his so- called Utopia most entertainingly (29 March). But I do hope that he is not going to become the new professional Australian expatriate...

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Irish style

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Sir: Christopher Hollis's well-informed sketch on student life—Irish style—made interesting reading (29 March). His last remark had a subtle air of double meaning. 'Student life...

Cricket trad and mod

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Sir: One really does not wish, in defending Brian Close, to be drawn into the false position of seeming to attack Cowdrey. That would be foolish and unjust, for Cowdrey long ago...


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No. 496: Octet Competitors are invited to compose an eight- line poem or stanza of a poem on any one of the subjects given below, using four of the fol- lowing five pairs of...

Chess no. 382

The Spectator

PIIILIDOR Black White 7 men Touw Hian Bwee (Europe Echecs, July 1967). White to play and mate in two moves; solution next week. = _ -- Solution to no. 381 (Parthasarthy): Kt-...

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Crossword no.1321

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Across 1 Cardinal headgear conversely produces enmity (6) 4 Three points about a singlet is ridiculous (8) 10 First patron of the Ars? (7) 11 The fleet-footed queen of the...