12 FEBRUARY 1972

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Until recently the prospect of a trade war between the EEC and the United States has been a cloud no bigger than a man's hand. Now, with the news that Mr Connally and the...

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The natural sense of relief that last Sunday's great demonstration at Newry passed off without an eruption of violence should not obscure its meaning. The march itself, from its...

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Lust for power and boredom Hugh Macpherson "Democratic contrivances are quarantine measures against that plague, the lust for power," said Nietzsche, " as such they are very...

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Making Angela Davis stand trial Louis Claiborne Angela Davis is black and beautiful and bright. She is young and a woman. She is neither frivolous nor a demagogue: and however...

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The new unemployment Kenneth Baker M.P. On Monday, January 24, the Prime Minister replied to Labour's censure motion which attacked the Government for allowing unemployment to...

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Christopher Booker on

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Predicting the future 9rie of the more depressing things about ;Ile tr current ' ecological' debate — apart orn the possibility that the doom-criers Ma y be right — is the...

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Peanut butter road

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The Earnshaw Neighbourhood Auberon Waugh ErsV The Earnshaw Neighbourhood Caldwell (Michael Joseph £1.90) At the close of the annual season in novels, one is suddenly a ss "V by...

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The Papacy in the mediaeval world

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Peter Partner A Short History of the Papacy in the Middle Ages Walter Ullmann (Methuen £4.50) Professor Ullmann is probably more learned in mediaeval church law than any holder...

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Poetae sepulchrum

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David Harsent Love & Fame John Berryman (Faber £1.40) Breaking & Entering X. J. Kennedy (Oxford £1.25) Air and Chill Earth Molly Holden (Chatto and Windus £1.25) The Gavin...

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P rudery and passion

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Qillian Freeman Z PrnLiderY k Passion Sexuality in Victo "11.A s rnerica Milton Rugoff (Rupert Hartin my possession two bound weekly magazines for adoles 's -ent s , n ‘-'ne is...


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People who know how easy it is to ruin a new publishing venture with bad books and parlous management will be pleasantly surprised to hear that Tom Stacey Ltd is now making a...

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The quick and the dead Kenneth Hurren IL. °lir major theatrical giants unveiled ii' o 'Ir first exhibits of 1972 last week. T he har Sh akespeare Company, which has Ed Iv...

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Treasures of the British Museum

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The last of Thames Television's programmes on the departments of the British Museum, with Professor Asa Briggs introducing the Department of Manuscripts, will be screened next...


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Witches' brew Tony Palmer Polanski's Macbeth (' AA ' Plaza) is a flabby affair and raises, not for the first time, the troubled question of whether S h a kespeare can ever be...

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The Department of Trade and Industry are trying to reshape the Monopolies Commission with greater representation for the smaller business and the consumer. But who is...

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Agin Rothschild Bernard Dixon Next Monday (February 14) is the deadline for the scientific community in Britain to submit to the Cabinet Office comments on the now infamous...

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(2) Scotland Viator The thing about the Hebrides is that the fishing is as good as that in Ireland. The tranquility of islands like Barra, Uist and Benbecula is an experience...