12 OCTOBER 1833

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We bare no additional Portuguese intelligence to communicate this week.

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In the absence of facts,. we can generally give the rumours of the day ; but during the past week, the great producers of reports and speculation, the jobbers on the. Stock...

- Marshal SOULT has called into active service an additional

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force of thirty-five thousand men, and a Royal ordinance to that effect - has been published in the Moniteur. This has given rise to much conjecture; and it has been surmised,...


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THE death of the King of Spain, with the few attendant circum- stances which were then known respecting it, was mentioned in part of our impression last week. The French Papers,...

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France and England, it is said, have protested against the

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treaty lately concluded by the Sultan with the Russians. We do not see what good their protests can effect ; but they add to the embarrassments of the Turkish Government,...

mile ifietrapuTia.

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At a Court of Common Council, held on Thursday, Mr. Charles Pearson moved for a committee of inquiry into the abuses of the Sheriff's Court. He supported his motion in a speech...

King LEOPOLD'S Ministry have made a long communication to the

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Belgian Chamber of Deputies on the state of the negotiations with Holland. It contains nothing that was not publicly known before, but details clearly the mode in which the King...

ale Court.

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TAR King and Queen, accompanied by Prince George of Cambridge and the Earl and Countess Howe, went on Saturday to Bagshot Park, dine with the Duke and Dutchess of Gloucester. A...

The Revenue accounts for the quarter ending the 10th instant,

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exhibit a decrease, as compared with the corresponding quarter of last year, of 253,276/. There has been an increase in the Excise, of 103,1211.; in the Stamps, of 23,6941.; in...

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Considerable apprehensions were entertained by the tea-dealers, that the East

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India Company would force a large quantity of tea into the market at their December sale; but on Wednesday, the Company is- sued their usual declaration of the quantity they...

The members of the Marylebone Association met on Wednesday night,

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in the Mechanics Institution in Circus Street, New Road, for the purpose of prosecuting their opposition to the Assessed Taxes. There were nearly three hundred persons present....

At the Middlesex Intermediate Sessions, on Monday, John Thorpe, a

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respectable-looking man, an old soldier, and now a corn-chandler in Chelsea, who received a very good and long-established character from several respectable-looking people,...

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llrbe Country.

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The Corporation of Leicester have passed a series of resolutions, explanatory of their reasons for refusing to produce certain documents, and to submit to personal examination,...

In case of the elevation of Sir J. Campbell to

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be Attorney-General, the honour of representing the borough of Dudley in St. Stephen's wil. be keenly contested with the learned knight by several competitorsl It is understood,...

A very efficient committee has been formed at Tiverton for

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the pur- pose of watching the Corporation in the expected investigation before the Commissioners. Several of the worthy corporators are already in a " quandary," and wish to...

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At the suggestion of a correspondent, we have searched our

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file to ascertain the quantity of land advertised to be let in Essex, from Lady- day to Michaelmas in the present year; and we find tenants wanted for upwards of ten thousand...

The principal master-manufacturers of Leeds have entered into an engagement

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with each other to employ no working man, who is a mem- ber of the . Trades Union. It is not yet determined upon when this re- solution shall be enforced. It will bring the...

On Tuesday last, a third vestry meeting of the parishioners

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of St. Nicholas, Nottingham, was called, for the purpose of granting a church- rate. The first was discovered to have been illegal, because notice had not been stuck on the...

The residence of Mr. Samuel Gurney, tile banker, at Upton,

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in Essex, was hurgiariously entered on Sunday morning last ; but, owing to the in- experience of the thieves, the property carried off could not exceed .501. in value. Mr....

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An inquiry into the circumstances attending the death of the ten females and children who were drowned during the late gale on board the Earl of Wemyss, Leith smack, has been...

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The following amusing account of Lord Wellesley's first intervietr with the civic functionaries of Dublin, is extracted from the corre- spondence of the Times. A delay in...

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A very serious accusation, respecting the opening of letters, has

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been brought against Mr. Heron, one of the Clerks of the Roads, in the Dublin Post-office, and a Vice-President of the Inland Office. He has been liberated on heavy bail ; but...

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trading company has attracted the attention of a number of our Glasgow Premier. But there is a wide distinction between the two parties. merchants, who are determined to...

lllopirtionl at the VFZIIIL

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CHANCES OF WAR IN SPAIN. COURIER — It seems improbable that Don Carlos will forego his claim to the throne ; but it is certain that he can of himself do nothing, and must be...

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The new instance of Lord Grey's rapacious nepotism in the

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appoint- ment of his brother, General Sir Henry Grey, to a highly-paid sine- cure in the household of the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, by again bringing that officer's name...

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The constitution which the King of Hanover has granted to

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his subjects, has been received by the Hanoverian Cabinet; and it was sup - posed, would be published in the Collection of the Laws, in the course of a few days.

We understand that Mr. ELLICE, the Secretary at War, who

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has for some time past been on a- tour (of pleasure-or -politics) in Scotland, has been requested to hasten his return. As Mr. ELLICE is seldom consulted by Ministers except...

. Since our first edition went to press, we have

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beard that the news from Spain, embodied in the following passage from - the - Globe of this evening, is fully credited by some intelligent members of the British Cabinet....

Numerous reports have been circulated in London and Pails, during

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the last few days, of risings in different provinces of Spain in favour of Don CARLOS. At present, little credit seems to be attached to them; and the last telegraphic despatch...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. A few Carlist stragglers over the Continent, headed by the Duke of FITZJAMES, arrived at Prague on the '29th September, and offered their solemn congratulations...

The grand autumnal review of the Prussian troops, which takes

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place this month, will be on an extensive scale ; great preparations having been made to render it as magnificent as possible. In addition to the . Emperors of Austria and...

An order has been issued from the Lord Chamberlain's Office

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for the Court to go into mourning to-morrow, and to remain in the garb of wo till the 3d of Novembe: next. The death of that mirror of Ma- jesty, FERDINAND the Seventh, King of...

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It is stated this evening in the diplomatic circles, that

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the French Government have ordered all the regiments on the frontiers of Spain to concentrate, with a view to a probable entry into that country, to support the Queen.


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Sroca EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Government to interfere in the affairs of the Peninsula, have given a shock to The death of the King of Spain, and the alleged intention of...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britain, in the Years and Quarters ended 10th Oct. 1832 and 10th Oct. 1833; showing the Increase or Decrease on each head...


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The Edward Lombe, Freeman, from Van Diemen's Laud, is not arrived, as reported in our last. Fifteen guineas per cent. have been given on her at Lloyd's. Arrived-Off Plymouth,...

M. MENDIZABEL, the Portuguese Commissioner, arrived in London at a

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late hour this afternoon, from Lisbon, having left that place on Sunday last, in the Salamander. He was the bearer of despatches for the Portuguese Ambassador, but they had not...

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A CONSULTATION of scientific men has been held for the purpose of satisfying Sir PETER LAURIE and the public as to the noxious or innocent qualities of the Prepared British...


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TAE opposition to the Assessed Taxes spreads among the London shopkeepers and mechanics. More meetings have been held during the week, to form associations and organize an...


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LORD PALMERSTON, EDITOR OF THE DESPATCHES. THERE is a wicked disposition in some quarters to underrate the talents of Lord PALMERSTON. The superior style in which his office is...


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THE Ministerial Journals have, as in duty bound, taken up the cudgels for Earl GREY, and stoutly defended his appointment of the Bishop of HEREFORD to the Prebendal stall in...

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CLERKS. IT is not our nature to be penurious to service, however earnestly we raise our voices against a lavish expenditure of the public money upon sinecurists. Thus, when we...


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HAVING now received our own copy of the Report of the Commit- tee on Agriculture, with the entire Evidence, we have bestowed additional attention on the subject. We find, what...


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IN a recent paper, we called the attention of our readers to the case of two German girls, who had been taken to Shrewsbury Gaol on a blank warrant, signed by two Wenlock...

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THE two Great Theatres have commenced their first season under one Manager. Drury Lane opened on Saturday, and Covent Garden on Monday; and they have continued open during this...

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COTTAGES AND London's Gardener's Magazine for Octo- ber, we find

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the following remarks, made during a recent tour through the counties of Middlesex, Berks, Buckingham, Oxford, Sussex, Kent, Wilts, Dor- set, and Hampshire, respecting the...


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WE have two publications on Turkey lying before us ; one by an Englishman, one by an American. The former, deep, grave, and weighty ; the latter, superficial, light, and gay....

The Infanta Maria Isabella Louisa, who succeeds to the throne

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of Spain under the name of Isabella the Second, is three years old ; she was born the 10th of October 1830. The Queen Mother, Maria Christina, is twenty-seven. Her sister, the...


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STATISTICS AND TRAVELS, Turkey and its Resources ; its Municipal Organization and Free Trade ; the State and Prospects of English Commerce in the East ; the New Administration...