13 AUGUST 1831

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THE attention of Parliament—ever directed to the last toy—has been chiefly occupied during the week with the squabble between the King of Holland arid the King of Belgium. It...

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Oar last Number contained the important intelligence, that the French

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Government had determined to march 50,000 men to the assistance of the King of Belgium. This vigorous demonstration on the part of one of the Allied Powers, aided by the...

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The address in answer to the speech o fthe French King

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has been laid before the Chamber of Deputies. It is, as is usual with such documents when of Ministerial fabrication, little else than an echo of the speech ; but the French do...

THE ELECTIONS.—A new writ has been issued in the case

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of Car.; marthen borough : the impression of the Committee was, that no such violence was practised as justified the Sheriff in not making a return. Sir A. J. Dalrymple has been...

Tint KING AND nts COURT.—Their Majesties arrived at St. James's

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at half-past one on Wednesday. At two o'clock the King held a levee, when the following presentations took place. Mr. W. R. Wilson, on going abroad, by Lieut.-Gen. J. Smith,...

THE SUSPENDED SWORD.—At an adjourned meeting of the requisi. tionists

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to the Lord Mayor, held on Monday, it was resolved that the meeting, having observed the progress made with the Reform Bill in tho House of Commons during the last week, is of...

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MOT AT Bovroar.—With feelings of sorrow, not unmingled with in-

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dignation, we lecord a most indecent and cowardly attack made by a herd of the lowest vagabonds upon some poor defenceless Irishmen in this town, on Sunday the 31st ult. The...


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Crime. Punishment. Pulling Mr. Plank's • spectacles off his I A drunken Irishman { Three months' imprisonment. nose... DD • • • • Having two outside passengers more than I •...

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THE QUEEN'S RELATIONS.—His Majesty's steam-vessel Meteor arrived on Sunday afternoon

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at 'Woolwich, from Rotterdam, with her Serene Highness the Duchess and the Princes Edward and Frederick of Saxe Weimar. They immediately proceeded to Windsor. GOODWOOD...

BOY DROWNED TILE THAMES.—Henry Knight, a lad fifteen

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years of age, the son of a gentleman residing in Piccadilly, was drowned on Friday last week, while bathing at Battersea, in company with two -companions about his own age....

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SPECTATOR OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two o'Ceocx. There are several private expresses from Paris this morning; but their contents have not transpired. From Poland no news has been...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY EVENING. — Consols on Saturday, after being forced down so low as ;at closed at 80a ; Exchequer Bills left off at Gs to Se. premium. On Monday, the panic...


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The Thorne, Poole, from the Cape of Good Hope to London, was totally wrecked in Table Bay on the 18th of May. Arrived, At Gravesend, August 7th, Corsair, Robinson, from...

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The Rev. G. E. Larclen, M.A. of Brasennose College, Oxford, is presented to the rectory of Doverdale, near Worcester. Patroness, Mrs. M. Oldham. Rev. M. H. Miller, M.A. Vicar...


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BIRTHS. On the Sth inst. at Aldbury, Herts, the Lady of the Rev. JAMES GALLOWAY, of a daughter, still-born. On the 8th inst. at Montpellier, South Lambeth, the Lady of the...


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INSOLVENTS. THOMAS, Jorix MorcoAst, High Street, Shadwell, and Gloucester Place, Wal- worth Road, grocer, Aug. 9. FLETCHER, ALEXANDER, and Youteo, Jousr, Millbrook, Hampshire,...


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WAR-OFFICE, August 9.-2nd Regt. of Life Guards : Lieut. J. Einlock to be Capt. by purchase, vice Atkinson, who retires ; Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Sir J. A. Cathcart, Bart. to be...


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13.-At an Election of Scholars front Abingdon School to Pembroke Col- lege, the successful Candidates were, IV. Price, W. E. Taunton, and C. Tombs. ...salt on Sir T. Tesdale's...

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PUBLIC FUNDS. Solar. Mon. Tues. '3 per Cent. Reduced 3 per Cent. Coos°ls 81 804 80370180 814 81 8031 803 813 13 80333183 813 3 3 81 803 81 1 1 4 814 Ditto for Account ...... •...


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THE LONDON UNIVERSITY COUNCIL AND MR. PATTISON. TITERS are certain cases which are more easily proved by the sim- P lest statement than by the most elaborate argument. That of...

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Two young fellows, named LITTLE and HANDCOCK, were charged, on Wednesday, before Sir RICHARD BIRNIE, with selling HE. THERINGTON'S Poor Man's Guardian and Republican; which the...

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« I hear Mrs. Mailsetter is to lose her office, for looking after other folks' business and neglecting heroin." ANTIQUARY, Vol. III. c. 23. SIR FRANCIS FREE LING is said to...

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commencement all the names whom, in succession, he intended to

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produce. Thus the subscribers had a show of great performers A NEW WATERING-PLACE. try by M. LAPORTE, but positively here in spite of him. Who, " To see the children sporting...

In January ; the greatest of whom they were, probably,

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not THERE are two classes of visitors at watering-places,—those who flock to destined to hear before May or June. Who were the Prime the crowded haunts of fashion. whether high...

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THE SPECTATOR'S CONSISTENCY. —Our brethren of the provincial, press pay us

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a great many compliments: some of them we see, others we hear of, and for all we are duly grateful, though it is not often that we can spare time and room for a reciprocation of...

PAGANINI AT Nonwicrt.—During the Assize-week at Norwich, Paganini performed three

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nights at the Town-hall of that city. He was insured by Mr. Petit the sum of 8001. for his exertions. The following were the receipts— The first two nights .0300 0 0 The third...


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F/CTION, Grattan's Jacqueline of Holland 3 D Co it l t b o urn and Bentley., COlifiESPONDENCS, Garrick's Private Correspondence EDUCATION, Booth's Principles of English...

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A volume of the most gigantic magnitude demands a place

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in the Library. We must have a shelf raised on purpose for it. It can only be put among the State Papers or the publications of the Record Commission, It is more than a quarto,...

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, A volume of Translations of the Oxford Latin Prize

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Poems has made its appearance. We cannot well imagine a more barren task. Prize poems in Latin, when at their best, are ingenious cantos from the works of a few classical...

MISS AND MISTRESS.—Mr. Galt, in his Lives of the Players,

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remarks, that " in the seventeenth century, Miss, applied to females, was consi- dered a term of reproach. Miss Cross, who is particularly noticed in Hayne's epilogue to...

Laura; a Romance. By M. HEINSEN.

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The melody of this romance is simple and appropriate, and it is well accompanied.

A Complete Edition of the Vocal Music of C. W.

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BANNISTER. No. I. A notice is appended to the First Number of this work, which disarms criticism of its severity, even had it been necessary to employ it. The respectable...

"The Pirate's Bride will Zara be ?" a Song. By

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Mrs. W. MARSHALL. We suppose these kinds of ballads, by ladies, have a certain sale among their friends : to the public they usually offer but little attrac- tion. This is as...


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Songs of the Days of Chivalry. The Poetry written by T. H. BAYLY ; the Music by T. H. SEVERN. These collections of songs multiply, and therefore we suppose they are in demand....

The Twelve Grand Concertos of MOZART, arranged by I. N:

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HUMMEL. To praise these concertos, would be to announce the shining of the sun at mid-day. M. HUMMEL'S arrangement consists of a compression of :heir orchestral accompaniments...

Mr. Boom has written a work called the Principles of

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English Composition. The principles are, however, no more the princi- ples of English than of other languages ; and a man might study them to eternity without being one jot...

"O'er pictured hopes and parted days ;" a Song. By

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JOHN BIRD. This is a short and simple strain : the arrangement is good, and sets it off advantageously.

A Loyal Prayer, for one, two, three, or four voices.

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By a Layman. This is a clever composition in every respect : its melody, its arrange- ment, its accompaniment, are all good : but it has no chance of being heard ; for, wherever...

The locomotive world ought to be informed that Mr. ANDREWS

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has written a Guide to Southampton and its neighbourhood, and that Mr. GROOMBRIDGE has published it in London. A guide, whether in person or book, is usually a cheat. The legged...