15 DECEMBER 1849

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Oralcran and courtly habit forbade the nerve requisite for car- rying out Queen Adelaide's simple request., to be interred without pomp or state : the copy of her request to...

t of France has been paying another tardy The Prince

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Preside tions formed from his Communistic essay tribute to the expect- f Ham on "the Extinction of Pauperism"; written in the prison s recently acknowledged as cognate to that...

The protest which the Austrian Government has put in against

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the separate operations of Prussia to set up a Federal Government is remarkable for its composite fashion, and it distinctly indicates the distrait condition of public affairs...

Manchester has been the scene for various activities of the

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pub- lic-meeting order : the Lancashire Public School Association has had a conference and meeting ; the Members for the Borough have had a special entertainment, of which...

The Protectionists are at sea, and every meeting only serves

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to expose the confusion among them. As they can unite upon nothing, they have hit upon the device of a thoroughly negative policy as the point of union. At Cirencester we see...

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A Court of Common Council was held yesterday. A report from Committee of Health—narrating its proceedings, recommending gratul of thirty guineas to be paid to eleven medical...

The hopes of an heir to the throne of Spain

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have been raised only to be dissipated. It appears that they were groundless, the official declaration of the fact notwithstanding. The congratu- lations which were presented...

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THE funeral of the Queen Dowager took place on Thursday; and, at the request of the royal lady on her deathbed, the ceremony was conducted with much less pomp than has been...

News from Colonial regions follows suit. In our great separated

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colonies the United States, the North and the South are once more beginning to grow angry on the subject of Negro Slavery, apropos to the suggestion of forbidding it in...

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Zbe Vrobintes.

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Mr. Shelley has retired from the contest for Shoreham; and Lord Alex- ander Gordon Lennox, third son of the Duke of Richmond, is likely to walk over the course, unopposed....

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sntswce.—The President of the Assembly gave a S ang net on the 10th. Among the guests were the President of the Republic, (q uite well again,) the Papal Nuncio, the Ministers...


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A correspondent of the Ilublsn .E., the rumoured dissensions in the Cabil "In addition to the difference on the q personal quarrel between Lord Grey and is carried on with the...


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Though things generally do not seem to b ". future is still more hopeful, there are at pre very bad at Paisley, and the the weaving line. The make of shawls "in 1 3ent a g...

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A Cabinet Council sat for three hours at the Foreign Office on Wednes- day. A report is in circulation of an intention on the part of the Govern- ment to propose the reduction...

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A public meeting was held at Reading on Thursday evening,

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to con- sider the establishment of a branch Freehold Land Society. A resolution was passed- " That inasmuch as the Westminster Freehold Land Society embraces within its...


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SATURDAY. The following announcement appears in last night's Gazette- " College of Arms, December 14. " The interment of the remains of her late Most Excellent Majesty the...

Messrs. Wright, Ivyleafe, and Potter, and Captain Warren, a deputation

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from the shareholders in the Boulogne and Amiens Railway, had on Thurs- day an interview with the President of the Republic. The moment the President saw them he said," I have...

The extent of the Private Bill legislation of last session

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has been set forth in a Parliamentary Paper issued within the week, and prepared on the motion of Mr. Greene. This document possesses some characteristic features. The names of...

At a special meeting, yesterday, of the " Society for

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the Protection of Agriculture and British Industry," which was attended by a deputation from the " National Association for the Protection of British Industry and Capital," it...

The case of Gorham versus the Bishop of Exeter is

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adjourn I till Monday. On Sunday evening at ten o'clock, a shot was fired into the Irawingtoomewin - dow of the residence of Mr. Henry Drury, at sherwood t h,5 county of Carlow,...

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The course of the F Though some occasions been but the preludes has been a very lar , Stock by private i it has been for al Wednesday, and following day. ' has today been market...

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TO WEE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 12th December 1849. SIR—The actual condition of the population of the United Kingdom may be shortly stated thus: there is an immense...


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IL A one-act Danish piece, produced in English at the New Strand as King Rene's Daughter, gives a useful lesson in this respect. The author wishes to represent the mental state...

does n. Ira's opera, Mina, produced last Saturday at the

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Princess's Theatre, The al" of call for much notice either on account of its merit or its success. not hithe. 'her has long had a high reputation as a teacher of singing, but...


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The tragedy of Garcia, written by Mr. F. G. Tomlins, and produced this week at Sadler's Wells, offers many points by which it may be corn- pared with the Strathmore of Mr....

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BRITISH REPUDIATION. 91 1 7 COMMERCIALISM, says Mr. Milner Gibson, has succeeded to the ascendancy of the Feudalism which it conquered. But if we are to accept the ingenious...


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WE have too much capital and too many people for our narrow area, says Mr. Sidney Herbert : you cannot have too much capi- tal, says the Daily News, where you have hands to...

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UrmucnY is it for the Church of England that accidents are continually happening which display it in a light anything but favourable to its dignity or influence, while the...


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LONDON, it seems, is the grand mart for victims of the female sex. Mr.Sidney Herbert notices the numerical excess of women, and ascribes to it their debased condition. Some...

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EXEMPLIFYING the want of education among the pauper chil- dren in some parts of Norfolk, and of the benefits likely to result from the establishment of pauper schools, the...


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Ir may be useful to explain the position of the three great efforts now before the public to put the possession of lands and houses and county votes within the reach of the "...

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HANNA'S LIRE AND WRITINGS OF DR. CHALMERS. * PERHAPS of all the divines who were connected with an establish- ment or who observed the decorum of a settled church, Dr. Chalmers...

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MR. Banmsrr is known to the public as a traveller who can impart freshness and interest to beaten routes, by the vivacity of his mind and his artistical training. Wherever form...

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NEWMAN ON THE NATIONAL DEBT. * THIS tract is entitled to

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more notice than pamphlets usually receive, not only for its literary merits, but for the precise logic and lofty tone with which it advocates doctrines respecting the National...

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BOOKS. Passages in the Life of Mrs. Margaret Maitland, of Sunnysick. Written by Herself. In three volumes. Rough and Smooth; a Novel. By the Author of "Recollections of a...

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On the 25th October, on board H.M.S. Eurydice, off St. Helena, Caroline, the Wife of Captain Anton, of a daughter. On the 6th December, at Yately Hall, Hants, the Wife of Henry...


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Wes-OFPICE, Dec. 7.-10th Light Drags.—Lieut. R. W. Hatfield, from the 13th Light. Drags. to be Lieut. vice Blair, who exchanges. 13th Light Drags.—Lieut. E. J. S. Blair, from...

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BRITISH S per Cent Consols.. ;.. Ditto for Account lIper Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 Exchequer Bills, lid. per diem India...


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Tuesday, Dec. 11. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Wrigley and Son, Hasteds-within-Saffillewortb, Yorkshire, cotton-yarn-doublers- Andrews and Wyatt, Modbury, Devonshire,...